Livestream: Beethoven’s Emperor Concerto

Livestream: Beethoven’s Emperor Concerto

Thursday 31 January 19:30

Klaus Mäkelä, the latest phenomenal conductor from Finland, makes his Bergen Philharmonic debut with two masterpieces that question political tyranny and dare to glimpse alternatives. 

In Beethoven’s final piano concerto, the soloist brings order to a post-Napoleonic world of sound and fury, sweeping the orchestra towards a dignified celebration of freedom and peace.

Watch the concert live on this page. The transmission starts at 19.25 on Thursday 31 January.

Dmitri Shostakovich began work on his Tenth Symphony in 1953, just after Joseph Stalin’s death. Years of psychological torture at the dictator’s hand found their way into the symphony’s sense of brooding desolation. But in the furious scherzo, Shostakovich conjured a musical portrait of Stalin himself. After years of censorship, we hear a liberated composer unleashing his all in his most powerful symphony.

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